Simple Code Stream Pipeline CI Task

In this blog post we will create a Simple Code Stream Pipeline CI Task. The Ci Task will be executed in the created docker container running on the docker host. The command which are defined in the CI Task inside the pipeline will be executed inside the created docker container. The docker container is only exists during the pipeline is running. After the pipeline is finished, the docker container will be removed.

  • vRealize Automation with Code Stream
  • Docker Host
  • Docker Host Endpoint in Code Stream added and usable
  • Internet access to get a docker container from Docker hub

Create a simple Code Stream CI Pipeline

  • Log into vRA and open the Code Stream Service
  • Navigate to Pipelines
  • Click on NEW PIPELINE
  • Select Blanc Canvas
  • Select the vRA Project
  • Enter a Name for the Pipeline
  • Click on CREATE
  • Click on Stage
  • Enter a Stage name or use the default one
  • Click on Sequential Task
  • Enter a Task name or use the default one
  • Select as Type CI
  • Enter the Steps below
sudo echo "This is a Test!" > /tmp/test.txt
sudo cat /tmp/test.txt
  • Navigate to Workspace
  • Select endpoint (your docker host)
  • Enter sammcgeown/codestream-ci-k8s as Builder image URL
  • Special Thanks to Sam McGeown whom provide the docker container
  • Click on SAVE
  • Navigate to ACTIONS
  • Select Enable
  • Navigate again to ACTIONS
  • Select Run
  • Click on RUN
  • Click on CLOSE
  • Navigate to Executions
  • Click on execution link
  • Wait Pipeline is COMPLETED
  • Select Task
  • In the Log Section you will see the log of the executed commands
  • This JSON can be parsed and use in the next Task for example

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