Get Configuration Element Attribute Value from Aria Automation Orchestrator

In this post I show you how you can get a Configuration Element Attribute from an Aria Automation Orchestrator Configuration Element. I am using that to get e.g. the Aria Automation Host (former vRealize Automation) from an Orchestrator Configuration Element. This is very useful to get the Automation Host in an Orchestrator Action.

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Create a Orchestrator Action with following Inputs and Return type:

  • categoryPath (type string)
  • cfgName (type string)
  • attributeName (type string)
  • Return type any

Add the following code into the Script canvas:

var category = Server.getConfigurationElementCategoryWithPath(categoryPath);
if (category == null)
  throw("Configuration element path '" + categoryPath + "' not found!!");

var cfgElements = category.configurationElements.filter(function(element) {  
	return == cfgName;  

//Get attribute names
if(cfgElements != null && cfgElements.length == 1){
for (attribute in cfgElements[0].attributes)
	if(cfgElements[0].attributes[attribute].name == attributeName){
		return cfgElements[0].attributes[attribute].value;
	throw("Configuration name '" + cfgName + "' not found or not unique!!");

CREATE / SAVE the Action

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